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A Quick Bite

I’m full on immersed in end-of-the-semester papers, projects, and assignments. But sometimes it’s good to take a moment from all insanity and enjoy a quick bite. I had an appointment downtown this afternoon after class, but had some time to kill beforehand. Lunch was on my mind, and when I passed the Tacofino Blue Burrito […]

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‘Twas The Night Before Christmas

And everyone here is still wide awake – no going to bed early for this family on Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve (day and evening) are pretty low key around here – this year especially, since we aren’t hosting Christmas dinner tomorrow like we often do. Let’s see how it all went down. Well, it started […]

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All Downhill

Story of my day. It started out strong, and progressively went down from there. Fortunately, I’ve gotten away without any major injuries, and it’s almost bed time, so hopefully sleep will turn it all around. I started my morning with some oats inspired by a few bloggers (who I would love to link to, but […]

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