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Cinco De….What?

I’m kidding…I know (in theory) what it is. Or at least that I should have eaten something Mexican inspired today, or done a shot of tequila or something. But let’s face it – it’s not really an event here. At least not in my little world. Probably because it falls during hockey playoffs, and let’s […]

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Give It Up For The Earth!

Happy Earth Day everyone! Well, okay, technically, Earth Day is over, but only because I’m such a night owl and don’t get around to posting until midnight. I hope everyone took some steps to help out our wonderful planet, and that hopefully you’ll continue them on for the rest of the year 🙂 Of course, […]

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It’s All About Balance

Today was the perfect example of what I want to see more of in my life this year – a day that felt balanced. I woke up on time, had my 2 classes, did some grocery shopping, read a little, hit up the gym, watched hockey, and enjoyed good meals. If only every day allowed […]

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