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A Smoothie A Day

A smoothie a day for the month of August. This is the challenge I have just accepted!   I saw this challenge via Twitter last night, and thought, hey, I like smoothies. I bet I could actually have smoothie a day for an entire month no problem!   The August Colourful Smoothie Challenge is being […]

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Dark Chocolate Raspberry Chia Breakfast Parfait

When the weather gets warmer, I find myself craving cool breakfasts. A steaming hot bowl of oatmeal just doesn’t appeal to me when I’m already sweating at 8 am. And who wants to heat up the kitchen cooking up anything anyways? My go to quick breakfast is usually a smoothie, but sometimes I want something […]

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Buttermilk Banana Bread Smoothie

I have a penchant for baking recipes that utilize buttermilk. I find it adds a really nice tangy richness to things like muffins and scones. And truth be told – I kinda like the taste of buttermilk straight, although I don’t think I could drink a whole glass. Of course, recipes only call for 1 […]

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