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Marianne vs Windows Live Writer ā€“ I win! I have worked with Microsoft support and finally Iā€™m able to add links into my posts from my laptop again. Iā€™m a fully functioning mobile blogger again šŸ™‚ So when I went to bed last night, this mystery item was sitting on the stove, waiting for a […]

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Trailer Park Slumming

*** I have no clue when this post will actually get published ā€“ last night I was having problems with WordPress, and now my internet is barely working. Gotta love technology, eh? *** Yesterday sure was a long, family filled day. By the time we got home, I was too tired to think about posting, […]

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6:03 AM

On August 12, 1979 (a Sunday), at 6:03 am, a wonderful thing happened ā€“ I was brought into this world šŸ™‚ As my mom likes to say, just in time for breakfast. She also threatens to call me at that time every time a birthday comes around. Fortunately, she waited until after 8 am for […]

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