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Repeats & Easter Treats

Dinner was super easy to get ready this evening. It was leftovers! I heated up a serving of the Thai Prawn Red Curry I made on Monday. I threw in a few spears of broccoli that I had leftover from last night, and I swear, there is a small bed of jasmine rice hiding under […]

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Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay

Okay, so technically, the dock I was on wasn’t on a bay, it’s a harbour, but let’s not split hairs 😉 So the offload went way longer than I thought it was going to. I waited around for almost 45 min for the vessel to be ready to even start, and then I was there […]

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Easter Weekend Recap

Okay, here is the Easter Weekend recap. I didn’t take pictures of everything, because I was just too busy enjoy the time with family. But there’s enough, and definitely pics of my Easter dessert creations 😀 Saturday After leaving you with my breakfast post, I booked it out to the ferry. But I realized I […]

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