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December 23rd – So Close!

Seriously, where has the time gone? Christmas is a mere 25 hours away! It sure crept up on me this year – and to think, by the time it’s over, I’ll be half way through my Christmas break. I was up bright and early this morning so I could head on down to Children’s Hospital […]

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Crunch Time

So…I should be studying biochemistry. But here I am, putting together a post. I’ll admit it, I’m the ultimate procrastinator. I’m comfortable enough with myself to embrace it. Sure, if I’d just learn to not procrastinate, maybe life would be easier, but who doesn’t love forgoing sleep the night before a test to cram as […]

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Soup Again?!

I am obviously still under the weather. All I could think about for lunch was chicken noodle soup. Good thing I left work just after noon, so I could stop on the way home and pick some up. It had originally considered just picking up chicken noodle soup & a bagel from Tim Horton’s, but […]

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