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Portable Pumpkin Pie

I’m a big fan of the Larabar, like many in the blog world. They are a great, portable snack, with one of the shortest ingredient lists out there. Fruit, nuts, spices, maybe a little chocolate – that’s it. And the flavour variety is huge – there is bound to be one that tickles your fancy. […]

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Weekend Wrap Up

Why hello there everyone! How have you all been this weekend? Life (and lack of sleep) has kept me from posting, but per usual, I have a whole whack of food photos I want to share, so let’s get started. Friday Up bright and early for an opening shift at work. Doesn’t mean I didn’t […]

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Nothing Says Cool…

…like studying biochemistry on a Saturday night! I know, I know, you are all jealous. But hey, you can’t have play time all the time, right? And seeing as my first midterm is coming up in a mere 2 weeks, I figured it was time to get down to business. Don’t worry, I didn’t spend […]

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