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Buffalo Turkey Quinoa Bowls

I love meals that make use of the random food stuffs long forgotten in the fridge. Even though I meal plan, I still end up with food that hasn’t met it’s culinary destiny, and might be on the verge of becoming compost. Sometimes it’s half a head of lettuce, or a nub of cheese. So […]

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Mandarin Almond Chicken

Did I ever mention I spent a short stint of time living in Australia? It seems like a lifetime ago now. Way back when I was fresh out of my first degree, I had my graduation ceremony, and 4 days later had packed up and was on a plane to Brisbane, Queensland for an undetermined […]

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Sweet Potato Waldorf Salad

You never know when inspiration for a recipe idea will hit. This one came in 2 parts. Last weekend I was at my parent’s house for dinner, and my mom made a salad with bagged coleslaw, chopped apple, dried cranberries, and Miracle Whip (she has a thing for Miracle Whip that I just don’t understand). […]

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