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Taste Test – Kashi GOLEAN Popped Clusters

Recently I was wandering the aisles of my local Costco, picking up some essentials and looking to see if they had any fun new products. While making my way down the cereal aisle, a box caught my eye. While I’m not much of a cereal eater, my boyfriend eats it quite often, and I’m always […]

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Taste Test – Boring Porridge

Boring Porridge? Who the heck would buy a cereal with boring in the name? Yeah, this girl, right here. What can I say, it intrigued me. I mean, it’s pretty ballsy to call your product boring, no? It probably helped that it also came in a flavour that I might be obsessed with – Coconut […]

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Buttermilk Banana Bread Smoothie

I have a penchant for baking recipes that utilize buttermilk. I find it adds a really nice tangy richness to things like muffins and scones. And truth be told – I kinda like the taste of buttermilk straight, although I don’t think I could drink a whole glass. Of course, recipes only call for 1 […]

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