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Spooky Brews

Happy (very belated) Halloween everyone! I hope you didn’t suffer from a zombie infestation like we had at my house. All the neighbourhood riff raff were hanging around. Seemed like all they wanted were treats, not tricks. Which I had no problem sharing, because I had these festive treats to taste myself. Pumpkin beers galore! […]

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Dinner At A Long Table

Despite my last few posts, I swear, I don’t usually eat out this often! Last night I was able to attend the Long Table Series Dinner at The Irish Heather with 20+ of my dietetics classmates. The Long Table Dinner series is a nightly (Sunday – Thursday) dinner where 40 people gather around a 40 […]

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I Spy Some Pumpkin

If you’ve never been into a Thrifty Foods, I highly recommend checking out their bakery. They have a vast array of delicious baked goods, all made in house. No matter what your taste, they have something to satisfy it. And I’m not just biased because I work there! I shopped there long before being hired […]

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