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Savour the Tastes of Summer

You know why summer is one of the best times to be a foodie? There are so many delicious, healthy, and colourful local fruits and vegetables available – from berries to corn, peaches to zucchini. Not to mention all those great opportunities to enjoy your meals al fresco – think backyard BBQ’s, picnics in the […]

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Falafelly Good Chickpea Burgers

You see what I did there? I do love a good food pun – especially when it’s describing good food!   One of my culinary missions in life is to come up with a signature veggie burger recipe. I feel like I’ve become a connoisseur of veggie burgers – I often order them when I […]

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Baking Makes Me Happy

Thanks for all your well wishes and thoughts for my mom. She’s still in the hospital, waiting to see the specialist (due to some sort of delay). She’s is doing better though, so hopefully we’ll have everything figured out soon. Last night I had the urge to bake. Cookies in fact. It gave me something […]

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