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Chickpeas On The High Seas

Just hanging out on the ferry, eating my lunch and enjoying some free WiFi. It just so happens that my lunch features a lot of chickpeas. It started off innocently enough when I packed some veggies and hummus this morning. But then I grabbed a wrap at school. Which upped my chickpea quotient for the […]

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From Humble To Gourmet

Another Friday has come and gone. It has been a long one. I should be in bed sleeping, and yet here I am, sipping on some coconut rooibos tea, writing up a post because I just had to share with you my dinner from this evening. Yes, it was that good. Even after a long […]

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A Good Start To The Week

I had grandiose plans of posting last night, but you know how sometimes time just gets away from you? By the time I got home from work, helped mom with dinner, consumed dinner, hit up the gym, and did my online assignment for the week…well, it was well past sleepy time. So today, you get […]

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