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Tropical Peanutty Pork Pizza

Two things I really love doing here on the food blog are developing recipes and taste testing new products. So when I saw that Food Bloggers of Canada had an opportunity to combine the two through a promotion with Pulo Philippine Cuisine, I threw my name into the hat in hopes that I would be […]

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Mom’s Slow Cooker Chili Steak

This is the complete opposite of a Meatless Monday post.   This post involves meat. Lots of delicious, slow cooked, melt in your mouth steak. Now, I don’t cook steak very often – mostly because I don’t know how to consistently get it to a nice medium rare at home. I leave that up to […]

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Go Fig-ure

So Operation: Clean Up is sort of going well. I managed to get into bed at a decent time, and had a decent sleep. But alas, I slept in a little longer than I wanted, so I couldn’t bust a move this morning before I was out the door. No worries though – after I […]

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