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The Heat Wave Continues

It’s still toasty hot here – another 30 degree C day in Victoria. I think it’s going to finally let up this weekend, which doesn’t sound too bad to me! I’d say my breakfast and lunch were pretty appropriate for a hot day – who wants to cook when it’s warm out? I mean really. […]

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Just One Of Those Days

I’m having a bit of an off day today, so I’ll apologize now if I’m Debbie Downer. I think it’s some sort of “OMG, I’m turning 30, what have I done with my life” crisis thing. Either that, or I’m all hormonal. Either way, it’s putting me in a mood. One of those moods where […]

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Running To Scissors

Today is hair chopping cutting day! I’m so excited to get my hair did 😀 It’s been almost a full year since I was last in the salon. Is that not ridiculous? I had the whole shebang done – cut, colour, highlights, blow out – a couple days before my cousin’s wedding, and right before […]

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