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Day Of Relaxation

That is what I declared yesterday, and it was lovely. I slept in really late, lounged around, did nothing all day, and rocked with friends in the evening. Of course, it meant I was away from the computer most of the day, and that I got NOTHING packed or cleaned, but my mental healthy needed […]

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Sleep? What’s That?

Ugh. I could not fall asleep last night. I don’t know if it was too warm in my house, if my brain was too occupied with something, or what, but I was just lying there in bed, wishing I could sleep. It didn’t help that the cat had ants in her pants too, and was […]

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3 AM Wake Up Call

Someone (glares at cat) thought it would be a good idea to chase a bug around my bedroom at 3 am this morning, knocking things off my bedside table in the process, and waking me up. Not cool. Scared the crap out of me as well! As you can guess, I didn’t get the best […]

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