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Did I Eat Dinner?

Oh, lovely readers. I had a total brain fart moment this evening. I cooked up a wonderful veggie filled dinner this evening – green beans, acorn squash, and a Dr Praeger’s California Burger that I turned into a wrap with roasted red pepper hummus, dill pickles, avocado, cheddar, and mustard. It was so pretty. I […]

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Bad Kitty

There was a small domestic dispute this morning between me and Sienna. It appears I lost this round. It’s always fun explaining head wounds to your coworkers. I should have known she was the devil cat – there were signs when she was a kitten. Okay, so technically, she was mid yawn when I took […]

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Lounge Lizard

Hello blogworld – how is your Sunday going so far? I’ve spent most of my morning lounging around, so I figured it was time I posted 😉 It’s nice to have time to relax on a Sunday morning, since I still have another day this long weekend! I realized I never posted my lunch yesterday […]

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