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Where’s The AC?!

Apparently at the gym – thank goodness for that! It’s still hot. I would peg it somewhere around 25 C right now, which is ridiculous for night time here. Did I mention it’s also on the humid side? I can feel it inside – it’s icky. I know, I know, I’m such a complainer. But […]

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Pain In The…

…I’m sure you can guess Seriously, I am pretty damn sore from all the work we did at Skating Boot Camp last night. I was feelin’ it all day. Hopefully it won’t hinder my biking tomorrow! I hadn’t had a simple bowl of cereal for breakfast for awhile, so that’s what was on the menu […]

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Chocolate For Dinner

Something new I did today – cooked beans from scratch! And uh, it was super easy. I soaked black beans and navy beans overnight, and cooked them up this afternoon. They took about half the time that I was told they would to cook too! Why have I not tired this before? What were these […]

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