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Give It Up For The Earth!

Happy Earth Day everyone! Well, okay, technically, Earth Day is over, but only because I’m such a night owl and don’t get around to posting until midnight. I hope everyone took some steps to help out our wonderful planet, and that hopefully you’ll continue them on for the rest of the year 🙂 Of course, […]

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Feeling Down

Hello wonderful readers. I’m going to apologize now if this post falls into the lacklustre category – I think I may be coming down with something, and I’m a little at odds with life right now. Although I’m enjoying going back to school, and excited for the ultimate outcome & career change, I’m really missing […]

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Busy Baking Bee

It’s true, the baking bug hit me again this evening. But you’ll just have to read through this post to see my latest kitchen creation. I`m such a tease 😉 I started off my morning intent on featuring something I cooked up last night – Pumpkin Butter! I used this recipe, only switching out the […]

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