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Wild For Waffles

One piece of kitchen equipment I did not have in my own place was a waffle iron. Now, it’s definitely not an essential item in your kitchen, but one that is fun to have, especially when frozen store bought waffles just aren’t going to satisfy a true waffle craving. With an intro like that, I […]

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Day 2 of my “weekend” started off as any other day in which I don’t have somewhere to be before 10 am – by sleeping in. And much like all the other times, I had every intent on getting up earlier than I did, but my bed was just too darn comfy. I will never […]

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Here Comes The Sun

I woke up to another beautiful, sunny day today. Looks like summer just might be coming after all! Although, it’s supposed to rain this evening, so maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. Fortunately, I woke up free of a stuffy head, with only my sore throat remaining. That meant breakfast needed to be a soothing […]

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