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A Whole Lotta Green

I had all intentions of blogging last night, but alas, my evening changed quickly when work asked me to stay until closing as someone called in sick. Since I’m such a wonderful person, I said yes, and was basically ready for bed when I got home. No worries though – we’ll check out yesterday right […]

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Dressed For Success

Well, I accomplished my shoe finding mission today, and mom made all the hemming adjustments to my clothes (damn short legs), so I’m officially ready to start work tomorrow! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – what about all that happened today? I unexpectedly was able to sleep in just a wee bit longer […]

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Soggy, With A Touch Of Sniffles

Another infamous Pineapple Express has descended on the fair city of Vancouver this week. Torrential downpour with 12 degrees C temperatures, in January no less. And to think – we’re hosting the freakin’ Winter Olympics in exactly 1 month. Crazy! That explains the soggy, but what about the sniffles? Well, it started with a sore […]

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