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3 Year Plan

Today started off not so great, with a container of moldy Greek yogurt (not even past its best before date!), but ended on high, due to this little email. I received my offer of admission into the Dietetics program at UBC! I cannot begin to express how excited I was when I got the email. […]

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Game Still On

Although a little worse for wear, my Canucks showed grit and determination, and won their game tonight against the Chicago Blackhawks. We may still be down, but we are no longer out. Can’t wait for Tuesday night! And while that may have been the ultimate highlight of my day, there were many more noteworthy ones […]

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Cramming The Days Away

It’s crunch time for those 3 midterms I have this week, all clustered into the span of two days. Hence my lack of post last night – I was busy blinding myself with (food) science (please tell me someone gets that song reference). But now that I have a few moments to spare while I […]

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