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Birthday Boy Chocolate Beer Cupcakes

So I had mentioned in my last post that I made that deliciously sweet and sticky Chocolate Beer Caramel Sauce as part of my boyfriend’s birthday treat. You may have even seen little glimpses of that treat in the background of some photos. Enough so that I bet you could even guess what I made. […]

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Taste Test – Spaghetti Squash

Fact: I have not tried every vegetable known to humankind.   I know, shocking news.   But I’m working on it. Which is why one day I decided to pick up the most adorable spaghetti squash. Ever.   Is that not the cutest little squash you have ever seen? The perfect size for a gal […]

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Seeing Red…Velvet

This past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving, and as per usual I was in charge of the ever important desserts for not just one, but two dinners. What can I say, I’ve been type-cast when it comes to family/holiday dinners. One day, when I have a place that can comfortably seat more than 2 people, I […]

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