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Kitchen Invasion

Another long day has come and gone in this week leading up to the big move. Today was carpet cleaning day, and it pretty much put packing on hold all day! Grrrrr. Who knew carpet took FOREVER to dry? Seriously, it’s 11:30 pm and it’s still damp. Le sigh. Want to see how much of […]

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Boxes Everywhere

I didn’t think my place could look like any more of a disaster than it did, but I was wrong. I looks like I’m building forts with all these boxes in here, and I still don’t feel like I’ve packed up THAT much stuff – mostly because I’m not tackling the kitchen until Thursday, and […]

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Permanent Vacation

Today I have officially bid adieu to my life as a fish counter. It’s been a bit of an emotional day. I was good up until I was saying goodbye to the last few people at work, then there were some tears. It’s hard to leave something that has been a part of your life […]

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