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Chocolate For Dinner

Something new I did today – cooked beans from scratch! And uh, it was super easy. I soaked black beans and navy beans overnight, and cooked them up this afternoon. They took about half the time that I was told they would to cook too! Why have I not tired this before? What were these […]

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A Day In Food Photos

That’s pretty much what this post will be. I was off the computer today (well, as much as someone who works on a computer can be), but I was getting things done! I sorted out my house insurance, made a hair appointment to chop this mop of hair I have, successfully begged my way into […]

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Hmmm. So my plans of getting up early and having a leisurely morning were squashed when the people upstairs got home at 2:30 am, and then decided to crank the tunes and make alot of noise on their hardwood floors. UGH. I know, it’s a Friday night, but it’s still uncool. Anyways, I’m power posting […]

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