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Christmas Un-Baking – Chocolate Bark, Two Ways

It may be Christmas Eve, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have time to whip up an impressive chocolate treat for last minute gifts or to serve to your guests. No really, I’m serious! If you can melt chocolate and chop dried fruit and nuts, you are good to go. I saw a recipe for […]

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A Little Bit Of Relief

Finally, temperatures out of the 30’s! I think it reached 29 C here today, and we even had a little breeze coming in off the water. I didn’t even need my fan on in my office! All that hot tubbing last night must have tired me out , because I totally slept in this morning. […]

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Two Day Work Week…Again!

Did I mention I like this whole “work two days, one day off, work two days, weekend” thing? Even if it kinda felt like a Monday this morning, I’d take it if I knew I was only another day away from a day off 🙂 Breakfast was a tasty, crunchy bowl of cereal. A lovely […]

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