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Blinded By The Light

I found myself a little sunbeam at which to work and eat my lunch here at school, in my new favourite building. And all of my computer programs are behaving today (knock on wood), so I can actually blog midday. I was lucky I didn’t sleep in this morning – I forgot to set my […]

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Greener Than Expected

I’ve had a rather productive day so far. I hit up the gym, then came home and applied for a few jobs online. Can I just say, some companies online job application processes are a little intense. Every one that I applied to today included a lengthy questionnaire/survey/behavioural test, and required me to fill out […]

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Permanent Vacation

Today I have officially bid adieu to my life as a fish counter. It’s been a bit of an emotional day. I was good up until I was saying goodbye to the last few people at work, then there were some tears. It’s hard to leave something that has been a part of your life […]

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