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Out On A School Night?

Hello everyone! How was your Monday? Mine wasn’t too bad…as good as a Monday can be anyways. It started out with sleeping in! I know, you are shocked. For some reason, I just couldn’t fall asleep last night, which made for one tired Marianne in the morning. Even still, I ended up fed, dressed, lunch […]

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Today Should Have Been Saturday

Oh man. I was not getting out of bed this morning for anything! I don’t know why I was that tired – I guess yesterday was just a long day. But it was late when I finally forced myself out of bed. So breakfast & lunch making was a pretty rushed affair this morning. At […]

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Fish Aren’t Friends

Not when they need to come off a boat at 6:30 pm, and interrupt your whole after work schedule. Grrrr. Work was somewhat slow today, which was okay, because I spent some time researching some information I need for school. I’d like to say that went well, but alas, my anxiety levels were on the […]

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