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Souper Bowl

Here we are, another weekend quickly coming to a close. Although I’m never looking forward to that early morning wake up call on Monday morning, I’m am excited that at the end of this week I will be done 3 midterms, on break from school, and fully immersed in the Olympics! I made sure to […]

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Dressed For Success

Well, I accomplished my shoe finding mission today, and mom made all the hemming adjustments to my clothes (damn short legs), so I’m officially ready to start work tomorrow! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – what about all that happened today? I unexpectedly was able to sleep in just a wee bit longer […]

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The Midterm Made Me Do It

Sorry to leave you without any wonderful eats to gaze upon for the past two days, but I had a biochem midterm this morning that needed some attention. Couple that with 12 hours of work, classes, and uh…watching the Grammys…well, you can see why I may have needed some space. But don’t worry, I’ve taken […]

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