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It’s All About Balance

Today was the perfect example of what I want to see more of in my life this year – a day that felt balanced. I woke up on time, had my 2 classes, did some grocery shopping, read a little, hit up the gym, watched hockey, and enjoyed good meals. If only every day allowed […]

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Duck, Duck, Goose

Another relaxing but filled day here in my household. I managed to drag myself out of bed at a more respectable hour this morning, despite still feeling less than rested. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to get used to it – that’s the life of a student, isn’t it? I put together a […]

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One More Day Down

…and only 2 work days to go! It’s so weird to go into work, knowing that the end is so close. Everyone keeps asking me if I’m excited about going back to school, and I know that deep down I am, but I find that I can’t enjoy that excitement yet until I’m truly done […]

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