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The Grind

I’m not talking about making my own flour. I’m not talking about some dirty dance move. And I’m not talking about the monotonous, every day work routine people like to refer to as the “daily grind”. I’m talking about this: Don’t let that seemingly innocent (and somewhat poorly composed) photo deceive you. What you are […]

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Where Are My Pickles?!

Had you been in my kitchen when I got home this evening from volunteering, this is a phrase you would have heard me yell as I searched the fridge for the elusive jar. Turns out – someone ate the last of them. But way before the pickle catastrophe, my day started off as any day […]

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Long Work Weekend

Unlike the rest of my Canadian friends, my long weekend will be spent working. Yes, I get to work Friday – Monday of the Victoria Day long weekend. It’s not that bad though – I have next weekend off for a mini-road trip 🙂 Plus I like getting the stat pay on Monday 😀 And […]

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