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Apricot & Shredded Wheat Crisp

Growing up, one of my favourite desserts was this apricot crisp my mom used to make. She would use the canned apricots we would make every summer, top them with a sweet, buttery topping, and bake it until it was bubbling and golden brown. We would serve it up in little bowls, and top it […]

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Rainy Day Baking

Oh, how our weather has turned. Last week had me telling you about our sunshine and 25 degrees Celsius weather. But today – today we had a torrential downpour! It was dark and dreary. The kind of day where you just want to stay inside. And say, eat a warm breakfast. A thick, creamy bowl […]

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Liquid Lunch

Although the calendar said today was May 14th, it sure seemed like summer out there today. It was 25 degrees Celsius in Coquitlam today. In May! Pretty unbelievable, but kind of nice. Means I get to drive around with the sunroof wide open 😀 All this sun means fabulous outdoor lighting for photography as well. […]

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