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Taste BC 2011

*** Had my cold not devolved into something worse, I wouldn’t have gone on such a blogging hiatus, especially with a fun foodie event to post about. But I appear to be on the upswing now, and can stomach looking and talking about all things food again! *** ‘Tis the season for food and drink […]

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Christmas Week 2010 – The Holiday Burger

Today I had a lunch date with one of my long time friends (we go back to elementary school). Per usual, we have to schedule these all too infrequent occasions, as life just doesn’t allow us to connect as often as we’d like. She generally lets me pick the place for our dining adventures, as […]

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Let The Baking Begin!

Exams are over! 10 days until Christmas! Must be time to bake! Fortunately, I had just the recipe waiting to be made. Back in October, Lori at Fake Food Free announced that she would be co-organizing the International Holiday Cookie Recipe Exchange, where bloggers would exchange cookie recipes, then make them and share the results […]

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