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Pirate Pak Day 2011

Yesterday I had the chance to relive some memories from my youth.   No, not those memories of my 2 year old beer-swilling self.   This one involved a meal from one of my favourite BC restaurants – White Spot. Search my blog and you’ll see how much I enjoy their delectable Triple-O sauce covered […]

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Christmas Week 2010 – The Holiday Burger

Today I had a lunch date with one of my long time friends (we go back to elementary school). Per usual, we have to schedule these all too infrequent occasions, as life just doesn’t allow us to connect as often as we’d like. She generally lets me pick the place for our dining adventures, as […]

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Liquid Lunch

Although the calendar said today was May 14th, it sure seemed like summer out there today. It was 25 degrees Celsius in Coquitlam today. In May! Pretty unbelievable, but kind of nice. Means I get to drive around with the sunroof wide open πŸ˜€ All this sun means fabulous outdoor lighting for photography as well. […]

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