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Eggs Or No Eggs

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before on the blog that I don’t like eggs. And in general, I don’t. It’s easier to just state that I don’t like them, than to list the instances in which I will consume them. Obviously, they are fine in baked goods, since you can’t really taste them in there. But […]

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Give It Up For The Earth!

Happy Earth Day everyone! Well, okay, technically, Earth Day is over, but only because I’m such a night owl and don’t get around to posting until midnight. I hope everyone took some steps to help out our wonderful planet, and that hopefully you’ll continue them on for the rest of the year 🙂 Of course, […]

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Seemed Like A Good Idea…

…but sometimes good ideas just don’t pan out. Breakfast this morning was a perfect example. We had leftover cherry pie filling from the cheesecake my mom made on the weekend, and I thought it would make the perfect oatmeal topping! So Coco-Choco-Cherry Oats were born. 1/2 cup oats 1 cup milk (finished off the carton) […]

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