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The Breakfast Breakup

I have a confession. One that might get me shunned from the food blog world.   I’m over oatmeal.   It’s true – oatmeal and I are no longer right for each other. Just the thought of making a bowl, and then eating it sends my stomach into pains. I don’t know what happened, but […]

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Who Likes Snap Peas?

I do, I do! Yes, last week it was English Muffins. This week, it’s all about the snap pea. It all started on Thursday last week, when they served snap peas with my meal at the restaurant for my mom’s birthday. So when we picked up the veggies for the big party on Saturday, a […]

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Only One Day Left

Well, it will be once this is posted and anyone reads it 😉 Can you believe that 2009 is practically over?! Seriously, where does the time go? To think, one year ago I was still in my 20’s, working in my full time job, living on my own, doing the adult thing, and now I’m […]

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