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Ice Is Nice

I have watched many hours of ice sports on TV this weekend. It was a hockey & figure skating extravaganza! It’s making me long to get back out there myself. Oh skating, why you gotta be so expensive? I started my Sunday morning…well….with very little morning left. Oops! Breakfast basically turned into lunch. I went […]

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Gorging On Garbanzos

Hello wonderful readers. Hope you are all having a great Tuesday so far, and that it’s not nearly as rainy where you are as it is here   It’s been an on & off downpour all day. This has just reaffirmed to me that I need a new waterproof jacket, and some new shoes. I […]

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Grey & Rainy

Oh where, oh where, has my summer gone? It’s another grey & rainy day here today   In fact, we even had some hail this afternoon. The weather completely dictated what was on the breakfast menu this morning – oats of course. I decided to mix up the matcha goji berry oats again, as they […]

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