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Which Way To The Beach?

Hello there everyone. Hope all your weekends are going well so far – I know mine has. Today was a day filled with adventures and random food, which I’m going to share with you now. I slept in this morning – mostly because I was up until almost 3:30 last night reading! I think I’m […]

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Checking Out This Chia Thing

You’ve seen them on tv, growing out of cereamic characters’ heads and backs. You’ve seen the around the blog world in people’s bowls & smoothies. Well, now the Chia has landed at french fries to flax seeds! This morning I decided to give my new breakfast cereal, Ruth’s Chia Goodness, a try. I figured I’d […]

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It’s A Mystery

Oh, how I hate Mondays. Getting up, going to work. Blech. Give me the weekend any day! I was in a rush this morning, because I had not slept that well last night. Miss Sienna wouldn’t go to sleep, so I ended up sleeping on the couch with her, since it seemed like the only […]

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