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It’s Not Easy Being Green

Are all my meals going to have a colour theme (with a matching song title) today? 😉 My morning bike ride was a success, and I must say, the behind ain’t feeling too bad! Maybe I’m developing a bike rider’s butt? Is that even something you can get? Or perhaps I’ve just numbed all the […]

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Pizza Hut Has Nothing On Me

I decided on pizza for my game day eats – I knew I had some perfect pizza veggies in the fridge that I should use up, since I won’t be home all weekend, so it was just a matter of stopping at the store on the way home to get a few other pizza essentials. […]

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Good morning bloggies! Okay, technically, it’s afternoon now, but it was morning. Let’s not get hung up on the technicalities. When I got up this morning and wandered into the kitchen, I saw my lovely pan of mini egg bars on the counter. I figured I should test one out again, since they were no […]

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