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Pull Up A Chair

Time to get comfortable, this is going to be a long one! Monday recap, here we come! One workday down, three to go. Gotta love the short work week 😀 Work today was pretty good, especially since I left in the middle of the day to run home and grab some different clothes. No, I’m […]

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Another Sunday Come And Gone

Today was a wonderful way to spend a great spring day (check out my pictures from my walk if you haven’t already). After my leisurely afternoon walk (where I think I may have even gotten a little bit of a burn on the back of my neck!), I came home to find something to eat […]

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Can I Have S’more?

OMG…the party upstairs went on until at least 2:30 am. I stayed up playing some Wii until almost 2, mostly because there was no point in trying to sleep. And I figured if their music could be that loud, then so could mine 😉 I was rocking out with the iTunes on random. But I […]

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