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Goodbye 5 Day Weekend

My 5 day weekend has come to a close. I will have to go back to classes tomorrow. It seems like it has been an eternity since I was last in lecture! Fortunately, I only have two weeks left of class, then a few exams and I’m free for the summer. Can you believe it? […]

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One Week

In a mere 7 days, I will be settled in at home, watching the Opening Ceremonies for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games (as I’m sure alot of you will be as well). Seriously – it’s so freakin’ close! I just have to get through 3 midterms before I can truly enjoy the wonder that […]

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Who Likes English Muffins?

I do! I do! What can I say – those doughy, spongy little wonders are delicious. I think because they have the crevices that fill up with whatever tasty spread you put on top. Kinda like waffles, but not really. As I’m sure you can guess – I had one for breakfast. Topped with peanut […]

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