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Girl’s Night

Saturday night had the rare opportunity to do some entertaining, with one of my oldest friends coming over a good ol’ fashioned girl’s night. We’ve known each other since kindergarten – went to school together, went to university together, travelled across the country together, and were in Brownies and Guides together. Lots of memories, lots […]

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Slept In…Twice

In one day even! Such is the story of my life, eh? I am forever sleeping in. You’d think eventually I would learn to just go to bed earlier, but I’m a night owl at heart. I just can’t do it! And this is the reason I’m posting about Tuesday now, on Wednesday evening at […]

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The Great Outdoors

Days like today just make you want to spend as much time as possible outside. It was sunny, but not too hot (like we had last week), with a little bit of a breeze. Perfect for sitting out on the back deck reading the day away, going for a walk in a local park, or […]

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