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I was craving a brothy, noodly (noodley?) soup a while back. Something warm and comforting, with simple ingredients. A soup that begs to have the noodles slurped up, with little regard for the broth you’ll inevitably get all over your face (and laptop, if you are anything like me). I got home from a short […]

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Who Likes English Muffins?

I do! I do! What can I say – those doughy, spongy little wonders are delicious. I think because they have the crevices that fill up with whatever tasty spread you put on top. Kinda like waffles, but not really. As I’m sure you can guess – I had one for breakfast. Topped with peanut […]

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A Milky Day

Were you aware of just how many different types of milk are out there? And how different they all taste? We spent part of our afternoon class doing a blind milk tasting in preparation for our trip to a local dairy farm on Thursday. It’s crazy when you taste all these different milks back to […]

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