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Mission Accomplished

I have finally finished all of my midterms for this semester. Hurray! And I have to say, I think this one was the most intense. Even though we had all the questions before hand, the 2 hours we were given to write seemed so rushed. Plus, as my luck would have it, the only question […]

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Permission To Bake

Happy Wednesday everyone. I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday though – is this week going slow for anyone else?! Maybe it’s just my perpetual sleepy state, but I could so use a weekend right about now. I let myself linger in bed past my alarm this morning, which meant breakfast had to be quick. Cereal […]

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The Switch Up

This morning I got a little wild and crazy with breakfast. It involved a fork. My sister was making her lunch, packing some leftover mac & cheese. There was only one serving left, and since I’d had it for lunch the other day… …it ended up in my cereal bowl. Oh yes, I ate delicious […]

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