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Just For The Halibut

Did you know it’s halibut season here in BC? I’m excited – it’s one of my favourite local fish (aside from the ever popular salmon). Me and halibut go way back – when I used to work in fisheries, I was heavily involved in the halibut fishery. In fact, I was even featured in an […]

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Liquid Lunch

Although the calendar said today was May 14th, it sure seemed like summer out there today. It was 25 degrees Celsius in Coquitlam today. In May! Pretty unbelievable, but kind of nice. Means I get to drive around with the sunroof wide open 😀 All this sun means fabulous outdoor lighting for photography as well. […]

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Fish, Fish, And More Fish

I’m soon going to be growing fins and gills here!   Weird side note – I have a friend who is afraid of fish. Like, freaks out afraid of fish. She can’t watch Finding Nemo. We once got into an elevator, and it had a fish tank in it. It was not a fun elevator […]

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