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Saturday & Sunday In A Snap

And, we’re back! I’m sorry about the random disappearances this summer. I guess I’ve just been out living life. Or playing Rock Band. Or something in between πŸ˜‰ But I have 4 days off work in a row, with plans to get out and enjoy the great outdoors every day. I want to bring you […]

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Keeping It Cool

The heat has officially arrived! Nary a cloud in the sky today. I think at one point we reached a whopping 33 degrees Celsius here. From 15 to 33 in a matter of days – no easing into summer this year. And it’s only supposed to be hotter tomorrow. Needless to say, heating up the […]

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It is official – summer has arrived to Metro Vancouver. Can we say about freakin’ time? It’s only July 5th. Today was sunny and pleasant, but they are talking we might get temperatures up over 30 degrees C inland from the water this week. Sure, it’s nothing like the heat wave going through the east […]

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