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Wandering Wildlife

Usually the only wildlife you find in our backyard includes 3 (maybe 4) cats, some squirrels, and the usual birds – Stellar’s jays, robins, crows, mountain chickadees, with the odd pileated woodpecker thrown in for good measure. Sometimes you’ll know after the fact that a skunk has passed on through. We’ve also seen the rare […]

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143 Years Old

Happy Canada Day! Our wonderful country celebrated its 143rd birthday. Hopefully all my Canadian readers got out and took part in something fun while I was at work. I can’t complain too much though – I was getting paid overtime 😉 Our wonderful new sales tax also came into effect today. On the soy/rice/non-dairy milk […]

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Hide The Egg

I think it’s been fairly well documented that, for the most part, I don’t eat eggs. Yes, I’ll use them in baking, eat them in quiche, and the little bits in Chinese fried rice are okay, but you won’t see me whipping up a veggie stuffed omelette or breakfast sandwich any time soon. It’s a […]

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