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Backwards Evening

My evening played out in reverse from the usual. Normally, I’d eat dinner, digest a little, head to the gym, then have a snack. But since I got home late, I spent too much time in “wind down from work” mode, and still had no clue what I wanted to eat for dinner. I figured […]

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So It’s Wednesday…

I may have just sat here for 10 min trying to come up with a title. And that’s all I got. Pathetic. What’s not pathetic is the breakfast I woke up to. No, my cat didn’t fix me breakfast in bed (although, if anyone knows how to train a cat to do so, let me […]

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Another Sunday Come And Gone

Today was a wonderful way to spend a great spring day (check out my pictures from my walk if you haven’t already). After my leisurely afternoon walk (where I think I may have even gotten a little bit of a burn on the back of my neck!), I came home to find something to eat […]

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