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Just One Of Those Days

I’m having a bit of an off day today, so I’ll apologize now if I’m Debbie Downer. I think it’s some sort of “OMG, I’m turning 30, what have I done with my life” crisis thing. Either that, or I’m all hormonal. Either way, it’s putting me in a mood. One of those moods where […]

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Running To Scissors

Today is hair chopping cutting day! I’m so excited to get my hair did 😀 It’s been almost a full year since I was last in the salon. Is that not ridiculous? I had the whole shebang done – cut, colour, highlights, blow out – a couple days before my cousin’s wedding, and right before […]

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A New Dinner Guest

When I was at the market this past weekend, I decided to pick up a vegetable I’ve been meaning to try out for quite some time, but never get around to it. What is this vegetable, I’m sure you are asking? Fennel. It’s always so pretty looking, but I never really knew what to do […]

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