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Studying? What’s That?

I am the worst (or best, depending on how you look at it) procrastinator ever, I swear. I think I’ve read maybe half a chapter today. Of course, I have big plans to do some practice questions once I post this, but chances are I’ll just fall asleep. Oops! In my defense though – I […]

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Pineapple Express

Too bad I didn’t have any pineapple to eat! I don’t know if anyone else has heard this weather term – I think it’s a west coast thing. But this monsoon we’re having is what we like to call a Pineapple Express. Warm, moist air comes up the coast, usually from Hawaii, resulting in warmer […]

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Here Comes The Rain Again

Oh, what a wet and rainy Sunday. Typical fall weather here in BC. And they are calling for it to rain all through the week. I think we are supposed to get something like 30 – 40 millimetres (or 3 – 4 cm, around 2 inches) of rain each day for the next 3 days. […]

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