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Sweet Heat Almond Oat Bars

Hey guys! It sure has been awhile since my last post. In my mind, I thought it had only been a month…but then I looked at the date, and it’s already July 7th? Where has the time gone?! I guess things have just been busy around here with work, travel, friends, and fun! I’ve also […]

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Review: The Wellness Kitchen

In my never ending pursuit to test out every cookbook ever (over exaggeration maybe?) I have another cookbook review for you today! When this one came across my email, I definitely wanted to check it out, since the author is a fellow Registered Dietitian.  I’m always interested in what other RD’s are doing, especially since […]

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Honey Cardamom Pear Butter

I have a strained relationship with pears. I like them in theory – they are grown locally, have a great taste, are a good source of fibre, and look pretty cute too (it helps that many of them are my favourite colour – green). But there’s just one thing – I don’t like to eat […]

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